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Ellijay, GA | Georgia Mountain Dream Life

If you don't already live in Ellijay, GA or somewhere nearby, you may not know what makes this town so great! So I'm here to tell you all about it.

Why live in a small town?

With cities getting more conveniences, more and more high rises, electric scooters for rent, delivery services etc, you may be wondering what the appeal of small town life really is. Small town life is a slower pace. It's freedom to stretch out and be on your own. It's freedom from noise and pollution. Small town life is a return to the basics of what makes life good. Add to that, Ellijay is located in an amazing little spot at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and you are guaranteed amazing views every day, there is nothing to dislike!

Did I mention those mountains?

The Appalachian trail starts just a little northward of Ellijay, and the views that we get blessed with up here, are truly so amazing. Many cabins have large sweeping views of Talona, Big Bald, or Rich Mountain, but still maintain close and easy access to our large shopping centers and downtown districts. Watching the sun rise over a ridge or seeing the fog hang over the mountains is always new and beautiful every day.

The People

Small towns offer a unique relationship with those around you. While you have space around your home, acres of property and privacy, you also have a town full of people who you recognize and get to know. Tourism is something that helps our town thrive, so we welcome tourists, because we know that the Ellijay charm doesn't wear off and many of those tourists will soon be our neighbors!

If you are considering getting out of the big city and getting more room to roam, less traffic, and an amazing new space, I would love to show you the town that I call home!

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