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Curb Appeal Check [Spring Prep]

If you're considering listing your home this spring or summer, now is the time to start prepping your space for some major curb appeal.

Curb appeal refers to the first look at a property that a potential buyer gets. This look sets the tone for the whole tour of your home and can make a huge difference in if they enter the front door optimistic, or just looking for reasons to say no.

A good porch is so important in the North Georgia mountains. It's where we sip our coffee, where we grill and entertain, and where our home's outdoor footprint occurs. Whether you have a large wrap around deck, a small front stoop, or two entirely separate spaces, don't ignore this part of your home.

The Front Door

Your front door is like the eyes of your home. A beautiful entryway welcomes guests (and potential home buyers). Has your front door been painted recently? A bold color is often a GREAT offset to an otherwise more monotone space. Perhaps the door could use replacing altogether. Many home stores have a large variety of doors and it can be a very affordable way to make a LARGE impact on your home's curb appeal.

Don't Forget the Plants

Now that temps are warming up, the plants can go back outside and bring more life to the outdoor space. Ferns are a popular choice for hanging or beside the door because they are hearty, affordable, and large! Florals add a great pop of color but can require more maintenance. If your home is a second home and you aren't able to maintain plants, it's okay to look into fake plants too. Fake florals can easily fade or collect dust, but fake greens are often more realistic and hold up better over time so be sure you take your lifestyle into consideration.


Many of our mountain homes have plenty of space for seating and decor. Outdoor furniture should be appropriate for the size of the space, and be inviting. Don't place a large sofa with seating for 12 in a space built for 3 or 4. Think about how you have enjoyed your porch and how to convey that to your visitors. If you have a great view, face the furniture towards the view. If you have tree coverage, place a small bird feeder and show off the nature surrounding the home. If your home is more suburban, highlight the private spaces. New throw pillows or a bright new rug can liven up an older piece of furniture. Make sure that any old or worn down pieces are removed as well.


Your welcome mat might seem like an afterthought. It seems insignificant, it's just something people step on right? Wrong! Even if it is a sub-conscious thought, everyone notices your welcome mat. Refresh the mat, and consider layering two to fill the space better. An old dirty mat (or skipping one entirely) makes the entryway feel neglected. This is the most affordable way to really make an impact on your visitors...surround your door with new and beautiful, but well placed rugs and decor.

While location, location, location is of course the biggest part of real estate, curb appeal is something that you can control and can really make a large impact when listing your home. Don't give people the chance to make a judgement on your home before they even get inside.

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